3513scr»Schoenberg: Evolving Traditions« is a project that’s dedicated to understanding the Viennese composer’s works. Following Schoenberg’s own advice, we believe that this task demands an engagement with what these works express—namely, ‘musikalische Gedanken’ or musical ideas.

By taking these ideas into account, Schoenberg’s relation to the past—that is, his traditions—has become clearer to us. The findings of this on-going project will be exhibited in Berlin. Click on the Events tab for more information.

On this website, you’ll find: (i) interviews with musicians and non-musicians alike; (ii) reflections on various aspects of Schoenberg’s work; and (iii) reports of our project’s progress. Click on the relevant category on the menu above. To find out about how this project all started, click on the Introduction tab.